22 August 2016

Holiday Catalogue Sneak Peek!!

Hi there everyone,
It was a busy first week at school for the kids and I was kept hopping!  I did however manage to shoot my very first video that I am going to share with all of you.  On Thursday last week,  UPS found their way to my new address and I received my Holiday Catalogue Preorder along with my copy of the Holiday Mini Catalogue.  Tristan didn't have school that day so I asked him if he could video me opening my box of goodies for all of you to see.
We had a lot of fun and a few takes later, we had something I could work with.  I needed to do a few edits though as my helper was eating chips while videoing :)

So... here it is... my very first video for you!  Thank you in advance for watching and I hope you enjoy the products that are coming soon in the Holiday Mini Catalogue!


Products shown in this video will be available for purchase on the 1st of September!  I will be back with more information and a September Hostess Code for online orders. 
This week I will be tackling my craft room.  I hope to have the majority of it all set up and ready to go so I can start creating.  I haven't stamped for over a month! 



  1. Hi Catherine: Just watched your first video. Loved it. Tristan did a great job. I must have been difficult to pick and chose the items. I can look at the mini on line.. no need for you to send me a book that is if I was on your list. How exciting for you to get back to crafting. Have a great week.

  2. Well done Catherine and Tristan. One question. Is there anything in the upcoming Holiday Catalogue that you didn't pre order? Looks like there is some nice stuff in that box!!! Thanks for the sneak peak. Alice

    1. Hi there Alice,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and watching the video. Wait till you see the catalogue... there is a lot I did not order :)

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