08 September 2009

Wonderful Winter Wedding!

I have been quite busy lately helping a couple of friends design and make their wedding invitations. Here is what we came up with for Angela's wedding in Dec.

I had a great time designing this along with Angela and Lisa and I especially had a fantastic time working together to get them all stamped and ready to send. Lots of hours, but lots of fun with friends.

If you ever need invitations for any sort of event, please free to contact me. We could have a one on one consultation and I can help you create that special project for your special event.

I hope everyone is doing well with the whole back to school routine! Things are busy around here, but happy to be back into a routine. Had a crazy day today with the battery of the van dying! Not the greatest thing to happen when you a ton of errands to do!

Stay tuned for some sneek peek pics of upcoming classes. I have been working hard at getting these classes ready for you! First one is coming up on Monday 21 Sept from 6:30 - 9:30pm at my place. Details are coming out in an e-mail as well as my website calendar is currently being updated.

In the meantime.... Have a fantastic rest of the week!

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