29 April 2009

Wonderful Wednesday!

What a beautiful day we had.  Some of my gardening got done today (not by me of course) and it is looking great.  I love this time of year, seeing my garden grow from the ground up.  I look forward to seeing how different it will look in only one week. 

Now onto today's project. 
Do you have an occasion where you need a special gift?  Well, this wonderful card tin makes a great gift.  
This is a card tin that I decorated for the annual Controllers for Cancer Auction.  This was actually the first tin I have ever done like this considering I have had a couple sitting on my shelf for awhile :) It was very easy to do and a lot of fun.  I managed to fit in 25 cards with dividers.   

I made some dividers that were 4 3/8" x 6 1/2" and I added a Tab by punching some scraps of Card Stock with the Round Tab Punch.  You could stamp the titles on the tab, but I just went ahead and wrote the heading that went with the cards that I put in the box.  You could pretty much do anything.  

You can use these tins for a Recipe Box as well and we have a great stamp set called "From the Kitchen Of" that would work really well.  The possibilities are endless.  All you need is a little bit of imagination.  Happy crafting! 

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